All new for 2018, lighter and stiffer than our previous Crystal X.  The new mid size blade is engineered to be smooth and responsive and with our unique transparent blades it will be center of attention wherever your adventures takes you. 

New / Improved features for the CX2.0

• Advanced Dihedral design 
• New Generation of Transparent high performance polyamides - aerospace grade material 
• Will not fracture like Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass 
• Features H2O Fast Ferrule feather adjustment
• Uses Click locking technology for on the fly feather adjustments in 15° increments 

Length: 210 / 220 / 230 / 240 cm
               83 / 87 / 91 / 94”

Shaft: Glass Straight / Carbon Straight / Carbon Bent  

Center Joint: Fast Ferrule 

Weight: 800 - 950 g / 31-34 oz
Blade Area: 619  sq cm / 96 sq in

Blade Colour: Orange, Red, Green or Blue 

MSRP: Bent: $345 CDN / St: $193-$274 CDN

* Prices subject to change without notification



The new crystal 2.0 paddle

We have just finished a kayak adventure on the Saguenay in Quebec.
Our group of 8 had 4 crystal paddles 3 from the first generation and a new brilliant orange paddle. We have used the original paddles for around 5 to 8 years. Great paddles that look good! These original 3 are in perfect shape after many seasons of use.

I purchased the new crystal as present for a friend! She is thrilled with it looks , as well as how it handles! You could certainly notice slight improvements made in the design making them even more rugged not that we had any issues with the originals.

I would not hesitate recommending them. I now have all 4 colours which is kind of fun!

Michael Schwenger

Strong, lightweight, stylish - Bent Carbon

This is the best paddle I have owned. It is strong, light weight, stylish and performs great. For me, it has the right angle and the bent, carbon version I have reduces stress on my forearms and wrists. Also very easy to transport as it comes apart quickly.

On long treks it performs at its best

“I did over 750km on the water using the H20 crystal paddle last year alone and found this paddle to be one of the best I have ever used. It is light, sturdy in all water conditions, responsive, and has a great feel. On long treks it performs at its best as it is not tiring and pulls effortlessly through the water. The ergonomic design of the shaft (on the bent version) is great for letting you know the paddle position when bracing. All in all a super paddle for all skill level kayakers.”

Karl Parks
Ottawa, Ontario

Weekend Warrior Crystal Paddle Review

I was fortunate to be able to test and regularly use the H2O paddle during this past summer.My wife and I loved how light they are, and are terribly impressed with the appearance as well.  All of what little weight there is; is centered on the centre mechanism which you don't even notice when you are paddling. From the first paddle, we felt that we had a lot more power with it, and verified this a couple of times by switching back to our old paddles in mid-journey. Being a completely new design to us, there are some things that felt a little unusual at the beginning. Handle design - we are used to straight paddles, so it felt a bit unusual at first to have the curved handle.  But after only a couple of minutes it was more comfortable than the straight paddle.  Depending on water conditions you can offset your hands from centre, and each position feels very comfortable.Change of paddle stroke - We are used to having one hand as an "anchor" and twisting the paddle in the other hand, and that was a bit of a difficult habit to break.  My wife seemed to find a comfortable setting right away, while I experimented quite a bit.  Once I got a bit more comfortable, I was very impressed with power stroking, including my ability to use my body more in the stroke.  When I paddled more leisurely, it just felt very comfortable and effortless.Blade design – The blade design of this paddle allows for comfort and power.  We had the opportunity to do long leisurely paddles as well as river paddles, and were always very impressed.  Our old paddles have a number of “imperfections” from bumping into things, but these maintain their condition throughout Paddle length – I have been using a shorter H2O paddle than my old one.  After using it all summer, this is not an issue….probably just a personal preference This is an outstanding paddle. I have had the opportunity to allow a number of friends and neighbours to try it out, and the consensus is generally “where can I get one of those?”. 

Kevin Jaques

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