“I did over 750km on the water using the H20 crystal paddle last year alone and found this paddle to be one of the best I have ever used." READ MORE


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H2O Performance Paddles is a manufacturer of leading edge, high technology performance kayak paddles for whitewater and touring enthusiasts.  Steeped in a deep Engineering background and a commitment to continuous improvement; H2O strives to push the envelope using the latest materials, processes and design innovations to produce the worlds most efficient and reliable kayak Paddles.

The drive to design the best possible touring and whitewater kayak paddles available has led to patent applications for unique technologies such as our Multi Component Blade and Grip Indexed Ergo Bent Shaft. These technologies represent a new benchmark in both performance and aesthetics and will set new standards within the industry. 

Photo by Mike Mckay
An inside look at H2O Performance Paddles manufacturing, operations and the creation of a Crystal X paddle. 

Check out H2O's new team ambassadors Ben Marr one Canada's leading white water athletes and Mark Kalch who is know for his 7 rivers, 7 continents project. To learn more about these extreme athletes and more visit http://h2opaddles.com/Pro-Team.

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